Nashville Rug Gallery is a one of a kind boutique weaving operation and collector

of fine semi-antique and antique carpets from around the world.

Founded in 2005,we currently operate weaving operations in Kurdistan, India, Nepal and Turkey

focusing on providing the best handwoven carpets around the world.


Deven's Story

Deven Chopra was born in Mumbai and spent much of his life in Hong Kong, moving to Paris at the age of 18 to study fine art at the École des Beaux-Arts. His work is known for blurring the line between technology and art and has been selected for display at exhibitions in Paris, Shanghai, and New York.

Anya's Story

Anya Pillai grew up in the Bay Area, spending much of her childhood in Palo Alto and Cupertino. She studied at Harvard and worked in New York for two years before going to get her MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau and Singapore. Today, she works as an associate at Washburne Ventures in London.


Our Relationship

We met in 2009, at a backpacker hostel in Amsterdam. We hit it off immediately, bonding over our love of Gauguin and jazz. We had a magical time together in France during Anya's first year at grad school, and we both knew it was time. We were engaged in March 2014, and now we're getting married!


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Mehndi Painting


La Plage
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Dinner Party


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