What We Do


Founded in 2005, Nashville Rug Gallery’s prime objective is offering our rugs exclusively through interior designers, architects, and other high-end interior showrooms around the world. We are known as a boutique weaving and picking operation based currently in four countries.

We started in 2001 building upon a weaving operation we helped to establish in Kurdistan. Our goal was simple. Source the best wool, use local all natural dyes, hire the best weavers and, and weave all wool carpets on a strong double foundation. Also, combing different designs has helped in creating unique one of a kind carpets with our signature heavy abrash and our wide border designs.

Beginning in 2010, we expanded operations in Nepal to weave our modern carpets with all wool, and wool and silk, in different textures. Our uniqueness in Nepal is combining modern designs with unique antique designs to create new forms of rug art. In addition the following year, we began weaving our cost-effective, double foundation and reversible flat weaves in India with a full stocking program from 6x9 to 12x15. Custom sizing available.
All during this time, we secured vintage and antique rugs from around the world which in colors and designs are uniquely fitting our interior designer and architecture base.
Lastly, we are most known for our superior customer which sets an extraordinary high bar in the rug industry. This is highlighted by the ONLY $ to $ trade in throughout the rug industry.